[Brands News]THE NBP Secret Charity Party

Giselle journey
16 Feb 2024

#For Earth, For Childre

THE NBP,dreaming of a sustainable Earth and beautiful people, 

hosted a charity event in Seoul's Seocho-gu Olympic Boulevard. 

The event featured an art auction by ren owned artist Kim Il-tae, 

creating the world's only gold artwork.

 The proceeds from the auction aimed to help malnourished children, 

embodying a space of love

While not a direct promotion of THE NBP products,

 charity auctions and private parties provide a platform to communicate 

the values and direction of us.

 Attendees have the op portunity to test THE NBP products,

 enjoy food and drinks, and engage in discussions 

about the sustainable lifestyle that we envisions for the world 

Holding a private event encapsulating the essence of 

THE NBP where VIPs can enjoy a special gala dinner together