[Brands News]The 2023 Asia 美phestival Beauty Artist Contest

20 Feb 2024

The 9th Asia 美 phestival Beauty Artist Contest 2023

 took place on May 25th at Sookmyung Women's University's Suin Hall.

The event showcased the beauty skills of over

 1,800 artists who came from all across the country.

The participants of the 9th 美 phestival showcased a variety of beauty skills 

in different fields, including hair styling, makeup, and nail art,

 while wearing T-shirts adorned with the THE NBP

The 美  phestival competition goes beyond a simple contest,

 providing participants with opportunities for growth and development.

 Participants are encouraged to showcase original ideas and skills that reflect the latest trends,

 earning evaluations from the judging panel.

THE NBP CEO, Ok Soo-jung, expressed her sincere support 

for all those who participated in the 9th offline competition amid the challenges

 posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

 She emphasized that in the rapidly changing times,

 the efforts of everyone in the beauty industry, even in the 9th offline competition post-COVID,

 contribute significantly to promoting Korea's beauty globally.

 She hopes that they will continue to thrive as key players

 in the beauty industry, growing and earning recognition on the international stage

. She sincerely cheers for their success in becoming leaders and

 contributors to the future of the beauty industry.